2051 S. Suprema
Springfield, Mo. 65807 

We can also Rebuild and Dyno tune your Engine

  • Line Bore and Hone- $25+ Parts
  • Carbutretor Blueprinting- $30+ Parts

​All Engines brought dirty or with Oil in them will be subject to a $25 Clean-Up and Disposal Fee. Unless prior arrangments have been made. 

Motor Mounts, Chain Guards, Air Filters, and Clutch not needed for Rebuilds or Dyno Testing 
Pro Series Clones- $975 w/PVL Flywheel
Pro Series Clones- $1025 w/Billet ARC Flywheel
  • TMS Top Plate and Throttle Linkage
  • Walbro Style Fuel Pump
  • Advantage Pro Thick Flange Header and RLV Muffler
  • Silicon Covered Header Wrap Sleeve
  • TMS Chain Guard and Air Filter Adapter and Red Carb Cover
  • Add $10 for Restrictor Plate if for a JR 

TMS Pro Series Clones are for the racers who want the absolute best they can have.  All parts are weighed to insure the lightest possible parts are used. Heads are blueprinted and flowed to make sure they meet our standards for what can go on a Pro Series Engine.  All Engines are dynoed extensively until they produce the most power they can make.  We feel that these motors will stack up with anything on the market 
All Stock Class Engines Built to 2019 NKA Rules Unless other wise Specified