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Radical Red is an inside prep only. It is the most versatile inside prep available. Roll the tires once and you are done. No re-rolling. For every oz used the tire will drop approx. 2-3 points. Roll tires for 24 hours. Radical Red works great on all brands of tires.
Biting Blue is a great tire conditioner. Use it during the week to add bite to tires. More coats equals more bite. You will see very little drop in durometer readings 1-2 points. Biting Blue also works well as a trackside prep to fire off tires especially on higher bite tracks.
Purple Power is a perfect intermediate prep. We use it on all border line tracks. Not low grip and not high grip. Has worked well on hard, slick tracks as well as dry tracks. Purple power will soften 5-8 points.
Mean Green is used for lower bite tracks. You can soften a tire 20-25 points if needed. Mean Green is best when there is some moisture in the track. When the track is wet make sure you go to the grid with your tires wet. If the track is hard and has very little moisture go to the grid with dry tires
Gold is a very aggressive softener and grip agent. It has been around since tire prepping started. Some call it goat pee. It will soften a tire down to 20 on the durometer if needed. If track is extremely sloppy wet this prep is hard to beat
Mad Man Tire wash is a great product. Spray it on with a mist then wipe tire clean with a towel. It will keep the prep in the tire instead of washing it out with water. This tire wash will dry fast and allow tire to take prep better. Give it a try and you will be hooked
Madman Tire Formulas
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Maxxis HT3 Pink
Maxxis Tires
  • Full Set(UM)- 215.00- 9.00T3
  • FS(MVK)- 365.00- 9.00T3
  • FS-Prepped(MVK)- 405.00- 9.00T3
  • FS-Prepped,Cut(MVK)- 435.00- 9.00T3

New wheels are Douglas Q+ $40.00 a peice. 

Call Eric for Pricing on other Tire brands. 

Tire Resurfacing 10.00 a piece.

Add $20 Per Set for Black Wheels