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Radical Red is an inside prep only. It is the most versatile inside prep available. Roll the tires once and you are done. No re-rolling. For every oz used the tire will drop approx. 2-3 points. Roll tires for 24 hours. Radical Red works great on all brands of tires.
Biting Blue is a great tire conditioner. Use it during the week to add bite to tires. More coats equals more bite. You will see very little drop in durometer readings 1-2 points. Biting Blue also works well as a trackside prep to fire off tires especially on higher bite tracks.
Purple Power is a perfect intermediate prep. We use it on all border line tracks. Not low grip and not high grip. Has worked well on hard, slick tracks as well as dry tracks. Purple power will soften 5-8 points.
Mean Green is used for lower bite tracks. You can soften a tire 20-25 points if needed. Mean Green is best when there is some moisture in the track. When the track is wet make sure you go to the grid with your tires wet. If the track is hard and has very little moisture go to the grid with dry tires
Gold is a very aggressive softener and grip agent. It has been around since tire prepping started. Some call it goat pee. It will soften a tire down to 20 on the durometer if needed. If track is extremely sloppy wet this prep is hard to beat
Mad Man Tire wash is a great product. Spray it on with a mist then wipe tire clean with a towel. It will keep the prep in the tire instead of washing it out with water. This tire wash will dry fast and allow tire to take prep better. Give it a try and you will be hooked
Madman Tire Formulas
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Maxxis HT3 Pink
Maxxis Tires
  • Full Set(UM)- 215.00- 9.00T3
  • FS(MVK)- 345.00- 9.00T3
  • FS-Prepped(MVK)- 385.00- 9.00T3
  • FS-Prepped,Cut(MVK)- 415.00- 9.00T3
New wheels are Van K $35.00 a peice. 

Call Eric for Pricing on other Tire brands. 

Tire Resurfacing 10.00 a piece.

Add $20 Per Set for Black Wheels

LS1 Internal and External prep for dry, hot, high bite tracks. LS1 is mainly used on the inside of the tire. It works on all tire brands from soft compounds to hard compounds. Each ounce or every 30 cc's drop the durometer around two points. LS1 is best rolled at room temperature for twenty four hours, with a complete cure time of about four days. LS1 is best used in the warmer months of the year, mainly summer time racing. A good starting point for internally prepping tires with LS1 is thirty to ninety cc’s. For cooler, or lower biting tracks, the more internal prep should be used. It is best to take a range of tires for different surfaces. For example, have three sets- one set with thirty cc’s, for a good biting track. Set two with sixty cc’s, for a medium biting track or night time racing. The third set with ninety cc’s, for a lower biting track or cool night time racing. LS1 can also be used as a outside conditioner during the week with no durometer drop. Use LS1 on the outside when very little bite is needed from the outside of the tire. Typically the more internal prep that is being used, the more bite the outside of the tire needs. For example, use LS1 externally on a set that has sixty cc’s in them, wipe them three times a day for four days, this will help the tire to “fire”. This works very well for qualifying. Ls1 can also be used trackside on a good biting, hot racetrack. Wipe tires once or multiple times before going to the grid and making sure tires are dry before going on the track.
LS2 External prep for dry, medium to high bite tracks. LS2 is strictly used on the outside for best results. LS2 is to be usedin conjunction with LS1 for weekly use and TS2 for trackside use. LS2 can be applied in a variety of ways, from pan rolling to wiping. For best results and proper cure time, wiping is the best method. For more bite, and softer tires pan rolling is the best method. For example, a set that has been internally prepped with thirty cc’s of LS1 for use on a day time, higher bite track. Wipe tires two times a day for three days, with a day for cure time. For a lower bite race, or night time race, use more internal prep. For example, a set with ninety cc’s. There tires should be pan rolled. For maximum bite. When pan rolling LS2, typically no heat should be applied. To make tires softer, apply heat. A good starting point for the ninety cc’s tires should be ten to fifteen minutes. For every ten minutes the tires toll in the pan, they drop about two points on the durometer. To increase durometer drop, roll tires at approximately one hundred degrees Fahrenheit. Keep an eye on your tires if pan rolling, this can be a dangerous process especially if heat is applied. When pan rolling tires with LS2, a cure time of two days is needed, for best results.
LS3 Internal and External prep for dry, cold, lower bite tracks. LS3 can be used as an aggressive inside prep, and an outside prep for cold weather racing. When using LS3 on the inside of a tire, a good starting point is ninety to one hundred fifty cc’s. The less bite the track has and/or the colder it is, more inside prep should be used. The same techniques as used with LS1 should be used with LS3, just in larger amounts. Make sure tires have cure time of at least three days. For outside prepping, the preferred method is wiping tires with LS3. Do not pan roll with LS3. A good starting point is wiping LS3 five times a day for four days with a day of cure time. For example, a set prepped internally with one hundred twenty cc’s of LS3 should be wiped five times a day for four days. For even more aggressive tires, pan roll tires that have been prepped internally with LS3 with LS2, then proceed the wiping process . For example, a tire that has one hundred cc’s of LS3 should be pan rolled in LS2 for thirty minutes with a day cure time. After that start the wiping process with LS3. LS3 can also be used at the track as a slightly more aggressive wipe than TS2. Mostly used in cooler weather racing.
LS4 External prep for wet, cold, lower bite tracks. LS4 is an aggressive tire softner that does not come back out of the tire once used. Use on the outside only. LS4 can be used weekly to soften tires for wet track racing. It can also be used at the track for quick softening or used to “fire” tires off on lower bite tracks. LS4 should be used in conjunction with LS3. LS4 can also be “weakened” by adding twenty five percent of fifty percent of LS2. When using LS4 in conjunction to LS3 it is for a wet surface. Use approximately ninety cc’s to one hundred twenty cc’s of LS3 internally. Then by either pan rolling or wiping. Use LS4 to soften tires to desired durometer reading.
TS1 For dry, hot, dry slick tracks. TS1 is used in conjunction with LS1 and LS2 for higher bite or tracks that fall off during the coarse of a race day. Use TS1 on a clean tire before gridding. It can be wiped once or several times. Depending on the bite the track has. Make sure Ts1 is completely dry before going on the track. TS1 builds bite with every coat applied. TS1 works great for qualifying on dry-slick tracks. TS1 does not soften tires.
TS2 External prep for dry, medium bite tracks. TS2 is used in conjunction with LS1 and LS2 for warm weather racing, and LS3 for cooler weather racing. TS2 is the best “all around” trackside wiping prep. It can be used in various ways. TS2 will slightly soften tires if enough is used. Make sure with using TS2 that the tires are completely dry before going to the grid.
LS i - internal prep for maxxis HT-3 tires. Per every 10 cc aids a 1 point durometer drop. Use in the ranges of 60 cc to 150 cc. Typically rolled at room temperature, adding heat will help pull LSi through the tire faster, although it is not recommended. For preparing tires for a race it is recommended to roll tires a week prior and "scuff" the tires on a somewhat abrasive track surface. After scuffing it is important to let tires "cure" anywhere from a week to 3 months.
Liquid Speed
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